Out With a Bang!

 IMG_20130406_15243020130406_21201720130406_200731 20130406_200713

Last night, we went to see the Norwegian band Big Bang play at USF Verftet. This was definitely a great end to my visit in Bergen. It was a fantastic experience and I was in awe at how amazing the guitarist was!

Before heading into the concert, I took a few snaps outside of the venue by the water. The views were amazing! I must admit, I have most definitely regretted leaving behind my digital SLR in Southampton for this visit.

After the concert, we headed to an Irish Pub with some of B’s friends that we met up with at the concert. This was a great end to the night and I had a lot of fun with these guys! I have to say, I am quite sad to be leaving Norway later today.

Overall, this visit has been incredible! I feel that I have been able to see that Bergen has a lot to offer and I can’t wait to start my new life here in the Summer. Next on the agenda – start working more on my Norwegian…

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