17th May

So yesterday was Norway’s National Day in which I have already started feeling patriotic towards. I had the fantastic opportunity to celebrate this day last year on Fjørtoft with Bjørnar and his family, participating in a march on the island whilst waving a flag, listening to the amazing band outside of the church, taking part in the traditional game of throwing a horse shoe (which I was quite good at!), eating brennsnut and watching sketches performed by residents on the island.

Image(Me and B last year on the 17th May)

I felt it was important for me to celebrate this year in anticipation of me moving to Norway despite me being in England.

When I came home from work, I arrived to the wonderful surprise of a lovely bouquet of flowers that B had sent to me with the note, “Happy 17th May, love bear”. 🙂


In the evening, I invited two of my friends over for drinks and snacks, and listened to Norwegian rock band ‘Big Bang’. I even hung up my Norwegian flag with pride!

Image(Fizzy pear drink, elk, jarlsberg cheese and marzipan cake)

Despite being unable to celebrate in the same way I did last year, I had a great evening and I look forward to moving to Norway more and more each day!

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