Leaving Shenanigans


One of the benefits of working in a school is that I am able to enjoy half term and termly breaks when the school is closed for students and teachers. This allowed me to return to the wonderful north on the 25th May  to visit my family and friends before I leave for Norway later this month.

Plans for my leaving party had been underway for weeks and luckily enough, the fantastic weather held out! On Sunday morning, my mother and myself began setting up the garden for our guests and preparing food. She also revealed something that had been hiding away in a box; my cake! As you can see from the photo, it was shaped as a suitcase and featured both the Norwegian and England flag. Yummy!

My guests arrived and I was spoilt rotten with cards and gifts. I must say I absolutely loved the Yorkshire gifts; a box of Yorkshire Tea, Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Pudding mix, some Yorkshire Ales and a Yorkshire phrase book! (Not forgetting the vino though! Although I don’t think my suitcase was too happy with the extra weight…one of my wheels has now broken…)

My Uncle had prepared a quiz on Norway, which was a surprise to everyone. This was great fun! Everyone got into pairs and me and my Grandma aced it, obviously! The question that made me laugh the most was “Which three countries share a border with Norway?” Some responses were Germany, Denmark and Switzerland… Needless to say, none of those were my answers!

Overall, the party was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. Was rather glad that the weather didn’t disappoint also!

After saying my goodbyes and farewells to everyone up north, it felt rather strange returning back to Southampton. However, I think this softens the emotional blow a little. I know that if I had said those goodbyes before boarding a plane, I would be a blubbery mess. Although after speaking to my friend Vic, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a blubbery mess anyway as she will be the last person I say goodbye to before I leave for the airport on the 29th June! Hopefully that will distract from the nerves of flying…

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