We’re Engaged!



B had just got back from work, I’d just finished cleaning and the sun was still shining – so he convinced me to go on a walk. We went to Svartediket, which is a beautiful lake in the city. We were planning on walking to the end of the track that leads to a waterfall, but I wasn’t feeling so good so we cut the journey short. On our way back around the lake, we paused at a smaller waterfall. As I was peering down on it, B got down on one knee! (For a split second, I just thought he was tying his shoelace!) Then he said “Stacey Shaw, would you like to get engaged?”, then he asked me to marry him! πŸ™‚ I said yes! It was all very surreal – I always imagined I would cry like they do in the movies, but I was actually shocked and surprised! 😊

πŸ’Β – I love how the emoji reminds me of my engagement ring! It’s a rainbow moonstone – so in some light, it looks blue.Β πŸ’™

(Above) After my ring had been re-sized, we went back to Svartediket to take more photos!

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