The Dreaded Phone Call


Still feeling a little bit blurry headed after the 17th May Celebrations in Norway the day before (which, by the way was fab!) I struggled to comprehend the news that I had just received on the phone. The surgeon, that I had met with just a week earlier, had just called to let me know the results of my gastroscopy. All biopsies, apart from one, had come back normal. The news I didn’t want to hear was that one of them was showing signet ring cell carcinoma. Fuck.

The strangest thing is that I remained calm as he spoke to me; I didn’t even cry for a while afterwards. I simply couldn’t. I felt numb and confused. The surgeon suggested that I talk over the news with my family, and advised me to call him again as soon as possible to schedule my total gastrectomy (sooner than I had hoped to do so). This could mean no summer trip to England, no Engagement party with my family and friends, and no trip to Amsterdam. For now, all (fun) future plans are on hold.

So what did I do? Well, after breaking the news to B and my family, I poured myself a very generous glass of wine, ate a large slice of cake (leftovers from the 17th) and had a good, long chinwag with one of my close friends. ❤

It’s been a few days since I received the news and there’s still a few unanswered questions that I need the answers to. Does this mean I have to have chemo? How soon should I have the surgery? What if it’s already spread and they can’t find this out just yet?

Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that they found something. Now I know I have to have the surgery. I just don’t like having my life dictated by this. It’s only been six months since I found out that I had inherited the genetic mutation, and now I have to deal with this new piece of information. It really hasn’t been enough time for me to get my head around all of this, but with each day that goes by, I feel a little bit more prepared and accepting of the situation.




3 thoughts on “The Dreaded Phone Call

  1. Rachel

    Hello Stacey, I am sorry to hear about your recent biopsy results. This happened to me as well…only I had 3 spots come back from 48 biopsies.

    Everyone’s situation varies but I didn’t require chemo and that was determined after my surgery once they found my lymph nodes were clear. I remember those fears though.

    I tested positive for CDH1 Dec 2013, biopsies positive in Feb 2014, stomach removed in May 2014. I had a trip to Japan planned for March and was allowed to go.

    I hope this helps a little and I wish you the best of luck. Best thing of not having a stomach is not worrying about being a walking time bomb anymore.

    • Northerner in Norway

      Thank you 🙂 It does help finding out about other people’s journeys. When I first found out, I felt very isolated and alone. But after a few searches online, I found an abundance of blogs that I started following, and came across a group on Facebook that I became part of. I’m hoping to schedule my surgery for August – but if the surgeon suggests that I should have it done before then, I will.

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