B’s Back in Town!


Earlier this month, B came to visit me for a few days. I discovered this was a perfect opportunity for me to share my new love for cheese and biscuits with him. So much so that I am actually sick of the stuff now, I think we ate it everyday when he visited.

On the Thursday night, we went for a lovely meal at the gorgeous Coco Rio in Southampton. If you love Caribbean cuisine, you must try this place as the food is amazing. We had the Cape Malay Bobotie (curried lamb casserole) and the Cuban Style Gumbo, washed down with a lovely bottle of red wine. The best thing about dining out with B is that we always half and half our food! After we’ve eaten half, we swap!

To assist me with the big move, B brought extra suitcases with him so that I could pack clothes and any other belongings I no longer needed with me in Southampton. Friday evening was the perfect opportunity for me to do this, but after squashing two coats into the largest case, I was mortified to see how little room there was left for anything else! I hurried down to Argos and bought a pack of vacuum bags and started filling them with clothes. I must say, whoever invented those things is a life saver! I’m pretty sure I won’t need to ship anything over separately now. (Fingers crossed anyway…)

On Saturday and Sunday, we traveled to Bristol to see my lovely friend Nicole. The weather was amazing so we spent the day walking around the city and played mini golf, which was fun! In the evening we chilled inside drinking malibu whilst playing games.

(Monkeying around at Jungle Rumble Mini Golf!)

On Sunday, we went to The Lanes and shared a scrummy goats cheese pizza and each ordered a milkshake. I opted for a chocolate one with Jack Daniels and peanut butter. It was to die for!



Despite being at work whilst B visited for 5 days, it was great that we were still able to cram so much into the time that we could spend together. Unfortunately, the days went by so quickly but with only 11 days to go until the big move, it won’t be long until we are reunited once again and are able to spend as much time together as we wish to do so.