Tattoo Brow

Shade – Medium Brown

After over-plucking my eyebrows throughout the entirety of my teenage years, (seriously, what the hell was all that about?!) I have been left with ridiculously thin eyebrows. Be warned girls, they don’t grow back so go easy with the tweezers!

Anyhoo… The likes of Cara Delevingne and Emilia Clarke have encouraged us ladies to have and want bushier, fuller brows.

Most days, I use an eyebrow palette, so I was looking forward to trying Maybelline’s “Tattoo Brow” – especially since it says on their website that it can last up to three days!

I found the gel difficult to apply with the brush, so I used an angled eyebrow brush (the one I use with my brow palette) to apply the product carefully.

I used the shade “Medium Brown”. The gel looks a lot darker – black almost! But don’t worry, it actually turned out the right colour.

Once it had dried (15-20mins), I peeled it off gently. I’m glad this stuff isn’t like those charcoal peel off masks! My brows would be long gone!

The gel drys fairly quickly, but overall, the application and drying time is longer than using a brow palette. But this is great if you have extra time. I don’t recommend rushing this during your morning makeup routine

I’m not sure if this tints the hairs, as my brows are black, but it tints the skin. At some point I would like to try a darker shade as this is too light for me. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing it it stands the test of time!

Tattoo Brow

Day 3 Update: The tint is still here! I did apply an extra layer shortly after writing my review. To ensure that the tint lasts up to three days, pat dry the brow area after showering and avoid using cleanser on this area.


Beauty Headers-superstay

Shade – 65 Seductress

I’m all about matte liquid lipsticks! I have a wide selection already, but I usually stick to the same brands. I have read a lot of good reviews about this stuff, so couldn’t wait to try it!

First impressions were great. I love the bottle and the matte effect on the exterior (I’m a sucker for packaging). The scent of the product was lovely too! It smells of caramel. YUM!

Before applying the product, I used a sugar scrub to exfoliate my lips. The applicator made it easy to apply. At first, it felt a bit cakey and sticky. Once I rubbed off the cakey bits, the product felt a lot better on my lips.


Compared to other brands I have used, this felt much more hydrating! It doesn’t completely dry out, but is still drink-proof, food-proof, but most of all, kiss-proof! Perfect!



The Colossal Big Shot mascara is amazing! It’s perfect for evening wear as it’s very thick, giving the lashes a lot of extra volume and added length.

The brush is great, as it allows you to apply the product evenly and quickly.



I love the Lash Sensational mascara too! It made my lashes look a lot longer. I feel that this product is more versatile as you can use it both day and night, whatever look you are going for. I’m not usually a fan of these type of brushes, but this one is great as it allows you to apply the product evenly to both the upper and lower lashes, and the thin bristles separate them to prevent clumping.


My review and opinions expressed here are my own and based on my experience with these Maybelline products. I am not affiliated with the brand nor do I endorse them and they do not endorse me. I am not paid for my review.