🇺🇸  I’m all about the palm trees and 80 degrees (not forgetting the Vitamin D)☀️

We’ve had some dark, dingy and damp months here in Bergen over the Winter period (nothing new there), so I was more than ecstatic when I received a message from my mother inviting me to Florida with her this Spring!

Part of me, believe it or not, was a little reluctant at first as I was nervous about the long haul flight – but this turned out to be fine! The abundance of movies and tv shows, and food and wine, made it much more bearable and enjoyable than a regular flight from Bergen to the UK!

Since my mum’s three sisters live there, a lot of my time was spent catching up with my aunts and cousins, as well as soaking up the sun. ❤

I was also lucky enough to spend Mothers Day with my mum (it’s been many years since the last time we spent it together). On the evening before, we went to Downtown St. Petersburg for dinner and drinks, and then spent the Sunday sunbathing on the beach.

I’ve already been to Florida twice before; once when I was 12 and again when I was 16. During those trips, we visited Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and Disney’s Magic Kingdom – so this was a much more relaxing and chilled visit to the sunshine state!

Overall, it was a fab holiday! It was just what I needed, and had a great time seeing my family!

The journey home was a bit stressful though! Our flight from Tampa to Philadelphia was delayed over an hour, which meant we would miss our connection from Philadelphia to Manchester! 🙈 Luckily, I found out just in the nick of time, and spoke to the helpful American Airlines staff who managed to pull a few strings and get us seats on a Tampa – Charlotte flight, and then Charlotte – Philadelphia! We landed in Philadelphia with just enough time to board our Manchester bound flight. PHEW!!!