Couples Shoot

A few weeks ago, Bjørnar and I were lucky enough to have some professional photographs taken by two wonderful British photographers. Jamie, who I met a year ago when he was the photographer at my cousin’s wedding in England, had made arrangements to travel to Bergen and do a styled shoot with some models, and asked if we would like to have a couples shoot.

Despite never doing anything like this before, the offer was too good to refuse! After having my hair and makeup done by two lovely Norwegian ladies, we headed to the botanical gardens in Milde.

Hair by Seline: Facebook   Makeup by Jessica: Facebook

After having a week of sunshine and high temperatures, the weather was quite the opposite that particular day!  Luckily the rain held off though, but my choice of footwear could have been better! I was constantly sinking into the mud with my stiletto heels! Throughout the shoot, Jamie made us feel comfortable and directed us so that we knew what to do.

0001 - Stacey + Bjonar  - IMG_0244 - Jamie Sia Photography_Stomped by Jamie Sia Photography

0008 - Stacey + Bjonar  - IMG_4356 - Jamie Sia Photography_Stomped by Jamie Sia Photography


Photographs above taken by Jamie Sia Photography    Facebook    Website

Afterwards, we also had the pleasure of having some more photographs taken by the lovely Elly; one of the models for the styled shoot.

Photographs below taken by E.L Hitched    Facebook    Website


Overall, the outcome was fantastic! We had a wonderful day and now have a lovely set of photographs that we can cherish for a long time.

Make sure to check out both Jamie’s and Elly’s websites to see their amazing portfolios. ❤



Last night was like most nights here. It got dark, and my phone notified me that it was kp6 outside. (For those of you that don’t know what this means, basically the kp number system is a scale of geomagnetic activity aka northern lights forecast)

Usually, there’s nothing much to see here in Bergen, and after many previous disappointing late night treks with my camera, I decided not to bother perusing it.

A few hours later, Bjørnar showed me an online news article from BT (Bergens Tidende) showing many photos of the beautiful northern lights taken all over Bergen that people had submitted throughout the late hours of the evening. So, off we went with my camera and tripod to the dark football field behind HiB in Kronstad. Unforunately for us, there was far too much light pollution and we didn’t catch a glimpse of anything. We decided to give it up as a bad job and return home shortly after midnight.

Upon returning, I saw more photographs emerging along with comments from people on social media stating they had also just seen the beautiful light show across the skies. Determined to see something, we set back out with my camera and headed to another location; Møllendalsveien. Upon arrival, we immediately saw a faint, green haze dance slowly above us! We stayed there for an hour, appreciating the beautiful light before returning home once more.

I was able to capture a few shots, but next time we need to find a location with less light pollution as this hindered the vibrance of the aurora. Perhaps I’ll be setting off on mission number 3 this evening!

For live kp updates, I use the following site:

and I use this android app: