Bergen Whisky and Beer Festival

Whisky and Beer; two of my favourite things! ❤


The event was open for 5 hours on the Friday and 6 the following day, so we decided to try Whisky on Friday and Beer on Saturday.


  • Jameson Caskmates *
  • Jameson Black Barrel Select Reserve *
  • Teeling Whiskey Single Grain *


  • Scallywag Speyside Blended Malt *
  • The Black Grouse *
  • Talisker Skye Single Malt
  • Caol Ila (12)
  • Smokehead Single Malt
  • Pigs Nose *


  • Eiktyrne – 7 mnd Baby
  • Eiktyrne – Sokin og Eikin
  • Oss Craft Distillery – Whisky *
  • Bareksten – Botanical Gin *


  • Nikka – From the Barrel *
  • Nikka – 12 YO Blend


  • Austmann – Coconut Porter *
  • Austmann – Dark Matter
  • Stones – Ginger Joe Pear
  • 7 Fjell – Gateway Drug *
  • 7 Fjell – Whisky Tørs
  • 7 Fjell – Kaffeslabberas *
  • 7 Fjell – Svartediket *
  • 7 Fjell – Si Ingenting
  • 7 Fjell / Austmann – Lactic Brown
  • 7 Fjell – Eiffeltårnet *
  • 7 Fjell – Andre Buskvekster
  • 7 Fjell – Meltzer Belgisk Dubbel *
  • 7 Fjell – Helge’s Surprise IPA
  • Beerbliotek – A Passion for Strawberry Blondes *
  • Beerbliotek – Black Ale Chilli
  • Brewdog – Neon Overlord
  • Brewdog – Cocoa Psycho *
  • Amundsen – Dessert in a Can *
  • Wild Beer Co – Shnoodlepip *
  • Voss – Eldhus Porter *
  • Voss – Kveika Baerøl *
  • Voss – Quadruple Bypass *
  • Erdinger – Dunkel *
  • Grünerløkka – Irish Rock Porter * 

* = indicates my favourites (yes, there were a lot!)


Oss Craft Distillery and Bareksten

The only distillery in Bergen! Their products were wonderful to try and Stig, the co-founder of Oss and owner of Bareksten was lovely. I had never come across a clear whisky before, so I was excited to try this! Both the flavour and aroma were fruity; something adventurous and different. What surprised me even more was the Bareksten botanical gin. I can’t usually drink gin without a mixer (usually I add tonic or flavoured soda water) but this went down a treat! It was smooth and very flavourful. If you love gin, I can’t recommend this enough. Just please don’t spoil it with a mixer! 😛

Jameson Caskmates and Irish Rock Porter

Bringing back the tradition of a “Whiskey Chaser”. The Irish Rock Porter is finished in whiskey casks, and Caskmates has been finished in stout-seasoned whiskey casks. Therefore, these two go together beautifully!

7 Fjell

A craft brewery in Bergen. I think we tried almost everything 7 Fjell had to offer at the event! My absolute favourites were Kaffeslabberas (Coffee Pale Ale 6%) and Gateway Drug (IPA 6%).  

Dessert in a Can – Amundsen

This deserves a special mention! A dark, sweet, delightful drink with notes of marshmallow and chocolate! Apparently, this is new and should be released sometime in March. I’ll have to keep checking Vinmonopolet, as I can’t wait to try this again!


A massive thanks to B for getting me tickets to this for Christmas ❤ I had a wonderful time with him and his brother Kurt, and can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

🍻  Skål! 🍻

A Weekend in Oslo

On this day last week, Bjørnar and I were sitting in the airport, waiting anxiously to board our plane to Oslo after seeing a small propellor plane parked at our gate. (For those of you that don’t know us very well, we are both nervous flyers and have always insisted that we would never travel by propellor plane!) So I popped a couple of diazepam, washed it down with a glass of wine (don’t try this at home) and crossed my fingers in hope that this would not be our mode of transport that day!

After thirty minutes, the small aircraft moved and a large red-nosed Norwegian plane took its place! I was very relieved and realised that I had overreacted initially since Norwegian don’t have any small propellor planes within their fleet!

Anyhow, we arrived in Oslo after a slightly turbulent 55 minute flight and made our way to Helsfyr to check into the Scandic hotel.

Our view for the next few days would be this lovely building… Skatteetaten 😀 (These are the people that collect the taxes in Norway 😉 )


The skies were dark and grey on the Friday and the weather forecast had predicted thunderstorms and rain for the duration of our stay. Yet when we woke up on Saturday morning and opened the curtains, the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in sight!

The primary reason for visiting Oslo was to attend the wedding of Bjørnar’s sister. So after tucking into the free breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant, which by the way was amazing, we made our way back to our room to get ready for Monika’s wedding. The ceremony was held at the stunning Kampen Kirke, which had beautiful stained glass windows and decor throughout. After attending a couple of Norwegian weddings since moving here, one thing that I have learned is that they like to have a lot of speeches! I think it’s great in comparison to British weddings, as only a couple of people are expected to stand up and speak, or sometimes not at all because people feel too nervous and shy. In Norway, anybody and everybody could do a speech if they wanted to!

Before travelling to Oslo, I wanted to find if there were any local museums that we could visit during our stay and discovered that the Munch Museum was fairly close to Helsfyr. On our final day, we went and viewed some of Munch’s work along with some of Jasper Johns’ pieces.


Unfortunately, the museum did not have the painted version of The Scream on display 😦 We found out afterwards that this was currently at the National Gallery in Oslo.

Across from the Museum were the Botanical Gardens and the Natural History Museum. Pressed for time, we only managed to visit the greenhouses. These wonderful, old buildings were filled with an array of exotic flowers and plants.

Overall, we had a great weekend in Oslo and would have loved to have spent a few more days there to see some of the other museums and the city itself. Our flight back to Bergen on Monday evening was delayed 45 minutes, resulting in me missing the first half of the England v Iceland football game 😦 In hindsight, the flight should have been delayed much longer so I would have missed the whole game since it was so disappointing to watch! 😀