Basking in Baška Voda

Last month, Bjørnar and I went back to our favourite place; Croatia! Initially, we had discussed doing city breaks this year with Amsterdam in the Summer and Iceland in late October. But with everything that’s going on, we decided to have a nice relaxing beach holiday instead. So this year, we went to Baška Voda, located in the Makarska Riviera.

My motto this Summer was to “Eat, Drink and be Merry”, so we definitely came to the right place!

On the Monday, we booked an excursion to go wine tasting in the mountains. Before we got to the winery, we stopped off at two different locations – the blue lake and red lake.

These are both sinkholes. The blue lake looked green whilst we were there. The red lake is named after the reddish-brown colour of the surrounding cliffs, coloured by iron oxides.

Afterwards, we arrived in Imotski at the Grabovac vineyard. Having sampled many of their lovely wines last year, we knew we were in for a great evening. We left with two bottles of red wine – one of which is still unopened! (We’re saving it for a special occasion once I’m fully healed from surgery – fingers crossed I can still drink wine then!)

During our stay, we decided to walk to Brela. This was a beautiful town that seemed bigger than Baška Voda. There were so many beautiful beaches, but the one we headed to was the furthest away; Punta Rata (In July 2004, Forbes magazine listed this beach among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world). I made sure to pack our swimming goggles that day, and I got to see lots of different fish around the rocks.


On the Friday, we booked an excursion to Dubrovnik. The coach journey, although long, (4 hours each way) was wonderful as we got to see some beautiful scenery. An area of the coastline, a town called Neum, is actually part of Bosnia, so we had to pass through the border four times (into Bosnia – then back into Croatia as we reached Dubrovnik and vice-versa). We were told this could potentially take up to an hour both ways, but luckily we were allowed through without scrutiny each time.

Dubrovnik Old Town was beautiful! It actually reminded me of Venice with it’s stunning architecture, history and stone walls. I did however struggle that day with the heat and crowds. I was dehydrated and didn’t have enough energy to keep walking around. I felt like I didn’t get to thoroughly enjoy the day, and would like to go back there again but in Spring or Autumn – something that I also said about Venice.

It was a great week in Croatia, and we were glad that we had the opportunity to see a bit more of the country by also visiting Dubrovnik. Split Airport was of course the same as last year! But at least we already knew what to expect!



The Croatian goodies we came home with ❤